My Journey

The 8th House was founded by Julie McGill, attorney, personal astrologer, mentor and relationship coach.

Early beginnings

Born into a conservative, religious family, I was fortunate to be surrounded by people who made an effort to embrace my uniqueness. My tendency to take the road less traveled began as early as 10 years old, when I asked my mother’s permission to leave Catholic school. The environment and the rigid structure didn’t feel right to me or allow for my already diverging thoughts about life and God. I spent the decades that followed figuring out who I really am and developing my own unique set of beliefs about a higher power and how the universe works. My fundamental values are based in the beauty of diversity. I promote unconditional love and the importance of embracing one’s individual authenticity.

Creating an authentic Life

I began exploring metaphysics, spirituality, and concepts of Eastern philosophy began around age 12. Aside from traditional schooling, I’ve invested many years studying intuitive arts, reiki, astrology, the law of attraction, mindfulness and relationship dynamics. After completing my law degree, I immediately began work as an entrepreneur – a path never easy nor certain. But the sacrifices have been worth the opportunity to build a different type of foundation that allows me to move about, exploring different ways of life and belief systems across the world. The life I chose was not the expected. Instead of reflecting external influences, it reflects something deeper within me.

Love & lifestyle guidance

Today I recognize the important aspects of journey as more than a personal pursuit. My passion
is becoming a supporting partner for those who need guidance on their own quest for happier
lives and relationships. Whether traveling to speak at events, conducting workshops, or working
one-on-one, I aim to empower. Employing a wide variety of skills helps me encourage all types
of people toward their goals, through major decisions and life changes. I commit to
understanding the essence of every client, so that I serve them in a way that resonates with
their personal uniqueness!