About 8th House

8th House Guidance was founded by Julie McGill, attorney, personal astrologer and mentor.

My Journey

The path of the creative entrepreneur isn't always easy, but I wouldn't change a thing about my journey. I've worked as a multi-business owner since finishing my bachelors and law degrees 14 years ago. I've survived (and thrived!) the challenge of creating a lifestyle that allows movement and change, an interesting balance between left and right brain, and deep connections with others. Finding my sweet spot in life came after a long road of experimenting with possibilities while never losing faith. A chain of authentic decisions led to a lifestyle that really reflects the spirit in me.

Combining the mystical & practical

The esoteric world called me from an early age. Aside from traditional schooling, I’ve invested many years of study in the intuitive arts, tropical astrology, reiki, the law of attraction, mindfulness, principles of psychology, and relationship dynamics. Together with my business background, life experiences, unique beliefs and relationship style, I look back and see I was unknowingly prepared for this moment - to be a supportive voice for the people I connect with using astrology.

My philosophy & commitment

I value the ideas of unconditional love, personal authenticity, and viewing one another as the divine beings we are. My commitment is to remain a positive source of understanding and non-judgmental guidance for every person on my path. I aim to serve every client in a way that resonates with their beliefs and personal uniqueness!
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