Explore your Purpose.
Empower your relationships.
love your Life.

You are a unique and brilliantly designed being here for a special purpose.

Your purpose doesn't have to be found. It has always been right there within you.

Your purpose has lured you down the road you've traveled and prompted the choices you've made. It has drawn to you every individual, circumstance, and opportunity needed for you to fulfill your divine mission.

There is no coincidence or serendipity. Every moment and every event in your life has more meaning than you've ever imagined.

The study of astrology awakened me to this reality - the reality unseen. It restored my faith in Spirit and the magic of the world we live in. My greatest wish is to see the transformative power of astrology be revealed to all, especially you!

8th House Guidance was created to provide you a safe space for sharing and discovering your deepest truths in total non-judgment through astrology. Open yourself up to self-knowledge on the most authentic level. Learn to relate to your relationship partner on their most authentic level.

There is no greater investment in yourself and in your future you can make.

Insights for life's journey

“Julie offered me a reading at a time I was at a crossroad in my career. I had too much on my plate and knew something had to change, but I couldn’t decide what. The unbiased and honest information she shared with me was insightful, thought provoking and inspired a sense of calm. After some introspection I knew what I needed to do, and that everything would only get better by doing so. This has proven to be exactly true. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for guidance in their lives.”
Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce
"I learned so much about myself! She helped make sense of many of the situations in my life and the responses and feelings I have toward them with a deeper understanding than I’ve ever had before. I felt empowered, informed, and confident to put my focus and energy  where it needs to be."
Julie Joffrion
"I didn't know what to expect with my reading but was blown away to find out just how accurate the stars are. Julie was able to interpret the way the stars truly affect our daily lives, basic personality and gave me a little more direction with parts of my personality I should explore more. If you're curious about astrology at all, I HIGHLY recommend you get a reading from Julie."
Jessica Lee Green
"I met Julie in hopes of finding a new way to help make some tough upcoming life decisions because obviously my decision making paradigm is flawed at best.  I found our time very helpful in preparing for me for my upcoming tribulations and will be excited when I get to spend time with her again."
Mikey Davis