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Your birth chart is an astrological profile - specific to the exact minute and location of your birth. It is absolutely one-of-a-kind and the most powerful of life guidance tools. An understanding of you natal chart offers you:

The first objective view of yourself from the outside,
Your unique energetic essence as a person,
The themes you encounter on your life path.

Often called a "blueprint of the soul", the chart reveals a perfect set of conditions under which you attract particular lessons for growth and fulfillment of your  purpose in this lifetime.

Astrology Readings for Individuals

Let's deep dive into your natal chart, discuss your strengths, challenges, and your current position in the journey of self-discovery. Readings are geared toward helping you understand your the themes in your personality and life perspective, the context for what's happening in your life today, and what what's on the horizon. Together, we will answer the questions:

What is your life asking from you right now? 
Where are you headed?

First time chart readings readings are highly beneficial for people seeking greater self-awareness, clarity on their life direction, or an understanding of their purpose. Many clients return for periodic astrology updates, to discuss life changes, and new business or relationship prospects. We meet virtually by Zoom, and you'll receive a recording of our session.

Price: $225 (1hr 45min) - for first time clients
Price: $150 (75 minutes) - follow-up or year ahead readings for repeat clients

Love & Relationship Discovery Reading

Let's journey through your natal chart and discover all the key factors affecting your experience in love and relationships. The Love & Relationship Discovery Package has been designed to help you understand how you approach relationships and why. You will learn:

1) What primary characteristics of your nature you are bringing into a partnership;
2) What your chart says about your capacity for intimacy and closeness;
3) What needs and desires do you seek to satisfy in relationships;
4) What attributes are important to find in an ideal partner;
5) What does your relationship future look like; and
6) What unconscious attitudes may stand in your way of happiness.

Price: $250 (2 hr)

* 8th House's services do not represent psychological counseling or any kind of therapy. Clients agree in ordering services that any guidance received has been given pursuant to an understanding that clients shall: (1) remain responsible for their own decisions and the results thereof, and (2) hold 8th House and its representatives free from all liability for client’s actions and results created as a direct or indirect result of advice received.

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