Self-Discovery & Guidance for individuals

Intuitive readings

Intuitive Readings* provide clients insight and guidance using principles of Tropical & Evolutionary Astrology. Every reading is unique and will incorporate other resources and intuitive techniques that have been specially chosen for the client. Readings are pre-recorded and delivered by link sent to your email. You will be given 30 days to download your reading for safekeeping.

Quickie Reading: $65 (time varies, recording)
Client supplies one question for which they seek insight.

Focused Reading: $115 (30-minute recording)
Analyzes the individual’s natal chart, progressed chart and transits to provide insight on 1-2 areas of life selected by client.

Full Reading: $185 (60-minute recording)
Provides a full overview of the client’s natal chart with particular focus on up to 3 topic areas selected by client. A natal chart reflects one’s unique essence as a person and indicates important elements of one’s destiny and trajectory of growth in this lifetime. Readings help clients better understand who they are, the lens through which they view the world, and the energy patterns that affect many areas of their life experience.


Individual Guidance Sessions* are live consultations that combine astrology, tarot and other forms of intuitive insight with personal mentoring/coaching strategies. Live sessions cover ground a bit more slowly than Intuitive Readings but provide clients a more personalized, connective experience. They are suggested for people seeking a deeper level of support during times of decision-making and goal-setting, while navigating major change, or when clients seek greater understanding and meaning in their lives.

Introductory Session: $135 (60 minutes live)
In the introductory session, we dive into a discussion of the client’s current life circumstances and set goals for the session. We then work together to determine which types of guidance the client desires and begin employing those strategies towards the client’s goals.

Follow-up Sessions: $75/100 (45/60 minutes live)
Follow-up sessions either continue the work of a previous session or are aimed at new topics and goals as the circumstances, need and focus of the client changes.

* The 8th House services do not represent psychological counseling or any kind of therapy. Clients agree in ordering services that any guidance received has been given pursuant to an understanding that clients shall: (1) remain responsible for their own decisions and the results thereof, and (2) hold 8th House and its representatives free from all liability for client’s actions and results created as a direct or indirect result of advice received.

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