Love, Sex & Relationships

The realm of intimate relationships is often the most gratifying yet challenging area of our life experience. We hope to find partners with whom we share a mutuality of interests, values and beliefs. We expect our partners to have the same sexual attitudes, love style, and desire the same levels of freedom and commitment as we do. But since finding a partner with whom we have total harmony is impossible, we need solid tools for dealing with our false expectations, fear and vulnerability. Learning how to express our desires and needs in a healthy way is only the beginning. We must value and understand our partners’ perspective and negotiate solutions.

Whether you are grieving a breakup, in search of love, have questions about a relationship’s potential, or want to improve a mature partnership, 8th House guidance services can help you. We work with people of all sexual preferences, relationship types, and have experience with clients exploring consensually non-monogamous lifestyles.

Intuitive Love readings

Intuitive Love Readings* provide clients guidance using principles of Tropical and Evolutionary Astrology. Each reading is unique and will incorporate other resources and intuitive techniques that have been specially chosen for the client(s). Readings are pre-recorded and delivered by link sent to your email. You will be given 30 days to download your reading for safekeeping.

Individual Love Reading: $115 (30-minute recording)
A general analysis of the client’s natal chart for insight about love, sex and relationship in their life. Key points of interest include characteristics of an ideal partner, needs for long-term fulfillment, potential issues, and clues about the future.

Couple’s Synastry Reading: $285 (90-minute recording)
A look at two individuals, the key components of their personalities, and the dynamics of their relationship. Readings discuss areas of compatibility and harmony, as well as areas of potential discord and the reason behind them. Understanding the source of relationship issues serves as a wonderful starting point for improved compassion and problem-solving between partners.

Couples Guidance Sessions

Couple’s Guidance Sessions* are live consultations that combine astrology, tarot and other forms of intuitive insight with relationships mentoring/coaching strategies. Live sessions cover ground a bit more slowly than Intuitive Readings but provide couples an opportunity to engage in a deep discussion about their relationship and formulate strategies for improving their connection. This service is suggested for partners seeking support when confronting major relationship problems, when one or both partners are navigating life change, or when clients seek significant understanding and improvement of their relationship dynamics.

Introductory Session: $135 (60 minutes live)
In the introductory session, we dive into a discussion of each individual’s current life circumstances and the state of the partnership. We set expectations for our work together and begin employing 8th House strategies towards the couple’s goals.

Follow-up Sessions: $100 (60 minutes live)
Follow-up sessions either continue the work of a previous session or are aimed at new topics and goals as the circumstances, need and focus of the partners change.

* The 8th House services do not represent psychological counseling or any kind of therapy. Clients agree in ordering services that any guidance received has been given pursuant to an understanding that clients shall: (1) remain responsible for their own decisions and the results thereof, and (2) hold 8th House and its representatives free from all liability for client’s actions and results created as a direct or indirect result of advice received.

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