Love & Relationship

Relationships are an interesting part of life - a sphere of experience where we  encounter both the greatest joy and the greatest pain. Whether you are single or coupled:

Astrology can help you "do" relationship better.

Readings for Couples

Astrology gifts us the opportunity to compare our innate uniqueness - our energetic field - with that of another person. The comparison reveals the dynamic attraction and connection between two people, how they tend to perceive one another and interact.

Readings for couples utilize this valuable information to highlight areas of natural harmony within the relationship. We also explore the reasons behind relationship challenges and sources of recurring tension, which might trip the partners up in their quest for "happily ever after" if ignored.

Some couples feel scared of relationship readings due to the false belief that a reading might reveal something bad or that the relationship won't last. Neither of these things are true.

Couples readings are all about improving your relationship!

Partners often gain newfound understandings of one another and re-discover the purpose of their connection. Astrology provides both comfort and the illumination necessary to transform your invisible relationship barriers into platforms for growth.

Session 1 (1hr 45 min) - we look at each partner's natal chart and the unique qualities and perspectives they bring to the relationship.
Session 2 (60 min) - we look at the relationship itself, the energetic interplay of the partners, and the purpose of their connection.

Price: $375

Love & Relationship Discovery Reading

Let's journey through your natal chart and discover all the key factors affecting your experience in love and relationships. The Love & Relationship Discovery Package has been designed to help you understand how you approach relationships and why. You will learn:

1) What primary characteristics of your nature you are bringing into a partnership;
2) What your chart says about your capacity for intimacy and closeness;
3) What needs and desires do you seek to satisfy in relationships;
4) What attributes are important to find in an ideal partner;
5) What does your relationship future look like; and
6) What unconscious attitudes may stand in your way of happiness.

Price: $250 (2 hr)

* 8th House services do not represent psychological counseling or any kind of therapy. Clients agree in ordering services that any guidance received has been given pursuant to an understanding that clients shall: (1) remain responsible for their own decisions and the results thereof, and (2) hold 8th House and its representatives free from all liability for client’s actions and results created as a direct or indirect result of advice received.

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